BMW Sells First ActiveE in America

This month, Life Quality BMW is pretty excited to announce that the first BMW ActiveE all-electric vehicle has been delivered in the United States. While we've been waiting for it to arrive on our shores for some time now, it seems the Moloughneys, who've put their money down on the first model, are even more excited to try it out than we are. In fact, they're the very same couple who helped BMW test out the first Mini E just a few years ago.

As BMW's "ActiveE Electronauts," Tom and Meredith Moloughney have agreed to lease the ActiveE for the next two years to test out the real-world feasibility of an electric car with a 100 mile range. "Calling the Moloughneys Pioneers is very appropriate," says Ludwig Willisch, President and CEO of BMW of North America. "They have shown the world that an electric vehicle can absolutely serve one's daily driving needs without compromise...we are looking forward to learning more in these next two years with the BMW ActiveE as we prepare for the launch of the first BMW i models in 2013."1

More all-electric BMW models? That's right. The BMW ActiveE is only the beginning for the German automaker. All of the feedback gathered through their experimental periods with the vehicles will help fuel the discussion behind the functionality of the BMW i3 in 2013. Available in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento, Boston, Hartford and even right here in New York City, the 24-month lease of the BMW ActiveE requires a down-payment of $2,250 and a monthly payment of $499. If you're interested in leasing one of the 700 models arriving here shortly, head over to to learn more.

Even if you're not ready to adopt the all-electric lifestyle, join us in celebrating people like the Moloughneys, who've truly taken the reins in changing the sustainable landscape of the automotive world.

Oh, and it's not just electric vehicles BMW is pioneering. Stop by and see us at Life Quality BMW, 9326 4th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11209 to see all of the new BMW models, including all of the fuel-efficient and hybrid powertrain options. Or, contact us via our website to schedule a test drive, learn more about BMW's emerging green technology, or ask any questions.