Fast, Affordable Winter Tire Service in New York City

If you live in the city, you might stick to a long held belief that winter tires are more for drivers upstate than those in the boroughs. In fact, a set of new winter tires can go a long way toward protecting your vehicle and accidents slippage during the winter months -even if your car never leaves the city's pavement.

At Life Quality BMW, we've helped hundreds of drivers from across Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights stay safe all winter with our vast selection of winter tires that are custom-fitted to their specific car, truck or SUV.

Winter tires are made of special compounds that you won't find in all-seasons. Since winter tires stay more pliable in bitter cold temperatures, their grip on the road is far superior- in fact, the improve braking you'll get from winter tires can even prevent oversteer and sliding in icy conditions.

With better stopping power and handling, the traditional loss of control you experience on regular tires is lessened, helping you avoid collisions and helping you stay on the road. The specialized treads on winter tires are also better equipped to handle icy debris at standard traveling speeds, which can give you added confidence on the road, particularly when you're in areas the city plows haven't reached yet.

Don't combat the harsh New York City winter without the best possible tires. Visit Life Quality BMW today review our selection of winter tires. We'll even work closely with you to help you choose the best winter tire that's suited to you driving habits.