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Ask almost any automotive enthusiast what they consider to be the quintessential luxury sport sedan, and there's a good chance the first words that leave their lips will be "BMW 3 Series." Practically benchmark-setting style, and an utterly sumptuous interior, the BMW 328i is one vehicle with the innate ability to render many Brooklyn area drivers speechless.

And as tongue-tied as you may find yourself in the presence of such a masterpiece of automotive engineering, there is a lot to be said about this impeccably designed sport sedan--inside, outside, and certainly under the hood. Allow us to begin from the bottom up: the new 328i garners its power from a mighty inline 4-cylinder TwinPower Turbo. Generating 240-horsepower and 255-pound-feet of torque, Bay Ridge driver will experience both potent thrust and unbridled automotive power. Lightweight, smooth, and capable, the BMW 328i combines force and finesse for an unprecedented driving experience.

Of course, it should go without saying that any vehicle that claims to be a luxury car should look just that: luxurious. But the new 328i infuses new meaning to the word with its breath-taking fa├žade. A sleek silhouette characterized by elegant yet bold lines, this sedan is certain to live up to the aesthetic expectations of any Queens area driver.

The luxury continues once you open the doors of this BMW. Revel in the next-level styling of its plethora of soft-touch materials, an intuitively configured dash, and the freedom to customize it all just to your unique stylistic liking.

Interested in learning more about all the BMW 328i can offer? Drivers in and around the Staten Island and Dyker Heights region are always welcome here at Life Quality BMW where our professional team is standing by, ready to answer your every automotive inquiry.

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