Brooklyn Pizza Restaurants and History

June 11th, 2019 by

traditional brooklyn-style pizza in a wood burning oven

Brooklyn Style Pizza

There’s a lot to love about Brooklyn, especially if you’re driving around it in a new BMW. The people, the sights, the sounds, but if you’re not thinking about Brooklyn pizza, you’ve certainly left something out. Brooklyn style crust differs from traditional New York pizza in the sense that Brooklyn style is much crispier and has the toppings all the way out at the edge of the crust. Ready to learn more about this delectable new style of pizza, Staten Island car shopper? Read on and we’ll give you our top picks for original Brooklyn pizza!

Speedy Romeo Brooklyn Pizza

This classic Brooklyn pizza delivery joint occupies the space of a former auto body shop, which may make us a little biased. However, when you get a bite of their famous multi-cheese pizza, we think you’ll be convinced to come out from Manhattan to try it.

Lucali Brooklyn

This pizza frequently ranks near the top of lists of the best pizza places in the United States, and when you figure out its Brooklyn style crust for yourself, you’ll know exactly why. No matter if you’re dining in or want Brooklyn pizza delivery, you can’t go wrong here.

Juliana’s Pizza

We have to recommend this place because of their unique restaurant style. It’s a perfect place for families coming from Queens or across the country. They don’t just do Brooklyn style crust, however. They’ve got a bunch of styles for you to try!

Dine-in or Delivery?

Now that the city of New York has opened back up, indoor dining is back on the table. However, New York has plentiful outdoor dining options in semi-covered areas with heat lamps to keep you warm in those cold winter months. And with the rapid proliferation of delivery apps, you can have the best of original Brooklyn pizza delivered right to your apartment or hotel room.

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